Forget Jenny from the block, who is realer than Cardi B!


Social media famous, and on the cusp of reality show fame, Cardi B, stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club with her Love and Hip Hop co-star DJ Self, and Charlamagne was really hyped to have them as guests on the show.


New cast members Remy Ma and Papoose undoubtedly have fans of the show excited to see their debut in the show, especially with Remy recently being released from prison a year ago after completing her 6 year sentence.

That said, former stripper Cardi may not be on their caliber of celebrity, but she herself has created a little buzz for herself with viewers eagerly awaiting her appearance in the show.

So much so, that meme’s were made after the season premier as a result of disappointment that she was not featured in the first episode.






As followers of her Instagram account know…this girl keeps it all the way real with her comedic flair and uncensored topics, which is looking to be her recipe to bring the heat to Love and Hip Hop.

During the interview the Bronx native stays true to the to the person which earned her the admiration from her fans of over a million followers, which is exactly the reason why people can not wait to see Cardi on the show.


Whilst discussing her boob job and ass shots, the 23-years-old speaks on how she got into stripping after a suggestion from her manager as he was firing her.

Cardi speaks on the inspiration behind her new song ‘Cheap Ass Weave‘, dancing for Drake, her image including her messages of encouragement to young girls, and in true Cardi B fashion, her sexual skill set.


The pressures of being thrusted into the limelight wouldn’t be easy for anyone, but the social media personality kept it all the way real when explaining her feelings of anxiety on being in the spotlight and the hurtful negative comments she receives on the gram.


The introductory storyline bringing her into the show is somewhat a confusing one as it’s set to showcase her relationship with DJ Self, but as some may know Cardi has a boyfriend Tommy, currently serving time in prison.


It will definitely be interesting to see how this all unfolds, as both Self and Cardi was not about to give all the juice to the radio hosts prompting them to stay tuned every week to find out all.





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