Looks like there may be trouble in paradise for Mr. Jordan and the Puerto Rican princess.


If you’ve been watching the latest season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta then you know that reality show’s star couple Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are on the rocks. Yes, from cheating allegations, to financial troubles, and baby mama drama these two have faced it all and things are finally starting to get ugly.


Naturally, this all started during filming of the fifth and current season of LHHATL when Joseline became fed up Stevie J’s controlling ways and learned that during their three year “marriage” he had allegedly fathered two newborn babies with two other women.


Before you know it, Stevie J accused his rapper wife Joseline of destroying “$65K worth” of his belongings (including several plaques and awards from his success as a record producer in the 90’s and his clothes/accessories which were doused in bleach)


Joseline denied all accusations and shortly after was seen attending an event without Stevie in late January of this year. While there, the Puerto Rican Princess even snapped a pic with rapper Rick Ross which led many to believe that Hernandez was having an affair with the massive MC and trust us when we say Stevie had A LOT to say about it!




“NOT married” ?!?!


After tirelessly fighting rumors the past two seasons of LHHATL that she and Jordan were never legally married, Hernandez didn’t take Stevie’s claims lightly. Joseline went on to do interviews on the Wendy Williams show and the radio station Hot 107.9  to share her side of the story.


While on air at Hot 107.9, Joseline had this to say:


“We are separated and we are married and that’s what guys do when they get upset, they lie, they go on tour and instead of announcing their new music when they haven’t had on the air in 20 years plus, you go on tour and disclaim your beautiful wife that’s been nothing but good to him. I’ve been nothing but great to you, I’ve been a great wife to him, I’ve been cheated on, lied to and I stood by him…and when I packed up and I left the home, the best thing you can go on tour and start disclaiming your wife…you look like a sucka…real men don’t do that, if you gon go on the radio, have a hot song, don’t call the radio station on no stupid sh*t”


But in true Stevie J fashion, he had to have the last word. Just this week the self-proclaimed “hitman” released a video in which he addresses Joseline directly, claiming that she “sells” her infamous kutty kat and explicitly states “I’m not your husband. Never have been, never will be.”


Check out the video after the jump:


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This just got interesting. It’s rare that you see a couple publicly drag one another like this, but then again it is Stevie and Joseline. These two are no strangers to the break up and make up game so we give this feud less than a year before they are back together and are making questionable joint-career moves once again.


Until then we’re not sure who to believe. But we know one thing for sure, we’ll be watching that reunion with our popcorn like





Are you Team Joseline or Team Stevie J? Who do you believe? 

Let us know in the comments below!





Written by Mack

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