The Puerto-Rican Princess is making her way to bigger and better things!

Yes, breakout reality tv star of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Joseline Hernandez is confirmed to be working with Lee Daniels, creator of the hit series Empire, for a new show.


The show is titled Star, which follows three young female singers on their way to stardom as they deal with the drama and “cut-throat” nature of the music industry and featuring plenty musical numbers with original material. (Similar to Empire)


Daniels confirmed this news by posting this video to Instagram with the three lead actresses:




When asked about Daniels and the possibility of working with him, Joseline had this to say in a VH1 exclusive:


“Yes, I did. I did something for FOX. I’ve worked [on] his new show, and it just got picked up… So that’s amazing so, yeah, you know you’ve got to do you. And be yourself and then people will really gravitate to you and then you won’t be here today and they vote your ass off the island next week.”


You better get them FOX checks!


While there are no details on Hernandez’s involvement/role on the series, we are glad to see Hernandez use her reality show theatrics for good instead of ratchet.


FOX has ordered 13 episodes of Star for the 2016-2017 season and other big names like Queen Latifah and Lenny Kravitz have also been confirmed as guest stars. Will you be watching? We sure will!





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Written by Mack

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