Karlie Redd is handling BUSINESS!


Yes, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star and our girl, Karlie Redd is breaking hearts and bank accounts as she attempts to recoup unpaid finances from her single ‘Heart Breaker’.


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According to our friends over at TheJasmineBrand, the reality star is filing a lawsuit against her record label, Wabejon Entertainment and its CEO Eric Miller for “deceitful and illegal activity”. Redd is demanding the label pay her royalties for the Young Dro assisted track, which have been withheld from her due to a shady business deal between she and the music company.


Via TJB:


“Redd claims per their deal, the company was required to pay her a minimum recoupable budget of $45k per release for the marketing and promotion.


Redd says she agreed to terminate the deal with Wabejon, due to them not paying her the $45k for the marketing and promotion, not providing her with the promotional CDs, not securing airplay or video distribution for the music video.


[…] After accounting for the reasonable expenses spent on the promotion, the company still owes her $9k in royalties from the sales of “Heart Breaker”.”


Oooh chile!


This whole situation is almost just as MESSY as she is.


Despite not receiving her owed money from her record label, we’re sure Karlie’s pockets aren’t hurting too bad. Thank God for those Love & Hip Hop checks and Karlie’s TWO stores (which she loves to remind us about) otherwise we’d be extremely worried about this southern spitfire.



We definitely understand her frustration, we all have that one person/play cousin in our life who perpetually owes us some cash so we really hope Redd can find justice within this awful predicament.


And we are certain that she will, regardless of what anyone might say about Karlie Redd, she is first and foremost a businesswoman and she does NOT play about her coins!







Written by Mack

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