Were you at Omarion’s performance live in London?


We had the opportunity to go and see the mega entertainer turned reality star at club KOKO on 16th March – thank you Musicalize! The live music events company has grown prominent over the last couple of years for inviting R&B/ Hip-Hop artists over from the US to come and celebrate their legacies with UK fans, kick starting their 2015 bookings with R&B’s Omarion.

Omarion team curtains



Omari Ishmael Grandberry, known better as Omarion, fronted young POP-R&B group B2K. The group made impact with multiple hits, including one gold-selling album and one platinum-selling album before 2004 split.


Following the break-up, Omarion went onto become more popular as a solo artists of the late 2000s, and achieved a Grammy nomination for his album “O” at the 48th Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary R&B Album.


Musicalize always showcase new talent and alway rep upcoming UK talent by offering opening slot opportunities for support act of the headliner in the form of a competition. This time we had opening support from acts such as Status London, Tanika, Kyle Lettman, Courtney Bennett and XFactor’s runner-up Rough Copy, who have been making waves lately on the live circuit.


The headliner came out dancing to O.T. Genasis Coco, which got the crowd hyped as they sang along without him even having to try too hard to get the party going. He performed popular songs like Ice Box, Entourage and Touch engaging the diverse aged audience singing along him at the front of stage. Omarion took us back with B2K hit Bump Bump Bump which was a nostalgic moment at the concert for those who remember listening to track on their fourth album Pandemonium!, which Bad Boy P. Diddy executively produced.


For some of the fans, the night wasn’t his best London performance, comparing to his 2008 London gig social media reviews complained he spent 33 minutes actually singing and spent 10 minutes getting 10 girls on stage which in the end was a total waste of time – their words, not ours! There were also DJ complaints as songs ‘O’ and ‘Entourage’ were cut short due to a supposed DJ technical sound error.


Check footage via UrbanHistoryxx, from the night below:



Despite this comments, we are happy to say that Omarion still sounds the same as when he records in the studio. By the middle of his set, he is in his element, smoothly bouncing across the stage, never missing a beat or a note.


omarion team curtains


Omarion concluded the concert bringing his son Megaa Omari Grandberry and girlfriend Apryl Jones on stage just before closing things with latest single Post To Be featuring Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko, which is the track responsible for his revival.


Have you seen the Omarion’s latest video yet?



Speaking with UK’s Spindle Magazine before travelling home stateside Omarion had this to say “I love it, I’m enjoying myself, I always enjoy myself in the UK. And today was the prettiest day since I’ve been here. I love coming here and stumbling upon new music. I know I’m a musician so it might seem a little cliché, but truthfully, to be introduced to the house here, it sounds different. You know, house here sounds different from how it sounds in Vegas, and the Afrobeats and Grime, I love it all, I just love it”. Glad you had a great time… next time lets meet over brunch for some english tea!





Have you listen to his fourth new album “Sex Playlist” yet?





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