Supreme Diva Mariah Carey releases new music video for new single “Infinity“, with guest feature appearences from Empire’s Jussie Smollett & Supermodel Tyson Beckford.


The video shows a glamorous-looking Mariah Carey with flowing hair in her dressing room as she is getting ready to perform.


The song, which was released May 15th 2015, is from Mariah Carey’s new album #1 to Infinity, currently in billboard 100 rests at 71. The album covers Carey’s musical legacy from previous record labels- Epic/Colombia and Sony.


The new song “Infinity” covers her breakup from her ex-husband, America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon, which the couple separated after two children & seven years of marriage.



Mariah sings in new song;


Why you mad?/ Talking about you’re mad?/ Could it be that you just lost the best you ever had? That’s your bag, yup/ that’s too bad / Show is over/ you ain’t gotta act.


Name hold weight like kilos/ Boy, you actin’ so corny like Fritos / Wouldn’t have none of that without me though



Check out Mimi being fabulous darhling:




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