The power ballad diva that is Mariah Carey is close to cutting a huge deal for a residency in Las Vegas, according to the New York Post joining previous performers Celine Dion, Cher and Britney Spears.

The deal is set to bring in the big bucks to Mariah and is reported to earn more than Britney whose deal was worth $30 Million. This may be just the distraction needed as Mariah battles divorce from Nick Cannon after six years of marriage.

Although…Mariah’s voice has not been up to the great standard we all know it for, as we recently heard in the a capella striped back version of her performance at the Rockefeller Centre last month.

Mariah’s voice struggled for air, cracked and had issues hitting the notes – it was shocking! Mariah may have still sounded better than some current artists, however we all know what those beast vocals could once deliver. No shade here, but are we to assume that the upcoming performances may not be live? A miming Mariah may not go down well …Although this may sustain stronger!


See recent performance here:

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