Vocal diva Mimi has a new single coming this Friday, ‘I Don’t,’ featuring rapper YG.

The 46-year old R&B singer, Mariah Carey, who was famously known for whistle register, may now be known to the new generation kids as an E! reality star – which is not a bad thing… this is a visual world, and right now there is no better way to promote your new music than to serve it with some visual support.


If you’ve been watching Mariah Carey’s E! docu-series “Mariah’s World,” then you would have seen that in the latest episode Carey has been recording new music, pen-inspired from her recent break-up from her Australian billionaire ex-fiance, James Packer. If you are update to date then, this week, you would have seen the very candid moment when Mimi told her manager, Stella, that she can’t go through with the marriage “I think we both need to just cut the shit and recognize…why I can’t go through with this,” she said. The reality show showcased the new record ‘I Don’t’ which samples Donell Jones’ classic ‘Where I Wanna Be.’


Mariah sings:


“Cause when you love someone, you just don’t treat them bad, you messed up all we had. Probably think I’m coming back, but I don’t, I don’t.”


mariah carey I don't yg


The cover art sees Mariah in her signature position (laying down), as she lays across the backseat of the car, while the ‘My N****’ rapper, YG sits upfront in the driver’s seat of the open top Rolls Royce.



The new single premieres this Friday, on February 3rd, and we’re hoping the follow-up music video does not disappoint us in spilling some visual tea…


Are you feeling it?





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