The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul Mary J. Blige drops a new single ‘U + Me (Love Lesson)‘, which follows and stays in theme with her soulful outcry of ‘Thick Of It‘.


Completing the dates of her King & Queen of Hearts joint tour with Maxwell, means she can put focus on new music as we gear towards a new album. This album carries weight as fans eagerly await on song reference relating to her recent break-up from her husband/ manager Kendu Isaacs.


Mary sings:


“I wanted to leave but didn’t wanna be lonely / Can’t deny the fact you were my one and only / Love that I would do, only love I knew / Now I gotta turn my back / ‘Cause you didn’t realize that, boy, this was the real thing / And I just can’t deny the fact we don’t belong together”


While this song doesn’t quite wet our appetite enough, we are still in anticipation for the new LP Strength of a Woman, which serve as Mary J. Blige’s 13th album. Blige proclaimed “The Queen is Back” announcing her new single on Instagram, with the caption:


“My new single U+Me (Love Lesson) is out now. I hope you all enjoy it. You can get it at the link in my bio #TheQueenIsBack”


Listen to ‘U + Me (Love Lesson),’ here:



Are you feeling it?

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