On Wednesday social media was a blaze after a few celebrities decided to share their thoughts and feelings via the virtual community, from Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Piers Morgan to Chris Brown who was simply sharing his delight at having a quiet day on the drama front.


Unless you have been on a remote island somewhere with zero communication with the outside world, chances are you did not miss out on this weeks beef with rappers Drake and Meek Mill.


The Philadelphia rapper had a chip on his shoulder and decided to share it with everyone via his twitter account where he called out his ‘current’ girlfriend Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels, and then the one thing no respected rapper wants to be accused of, he called Drake out for using a ghost writer.


The ‘All Eyes On You‘ rapper had also stated that had he of known this previously he would have removed his collaboration with Drake off of his album ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money‘. Ouch!





The shade was thick and it was real, but the humor came from the many many memes that was floating around which we could not get enough of.





Not to mention the hilarity of  the Councilor of Toronto Norm Kelly tweeting Meek Mill informing him that he is no longer welcomed to visit Toronto.


Even Chris Brown and British supermarket chain Tesco decided they wanted in…






The memes flowed in abundance and the general tone for them other than just humor seemed as if they were made by Team Drake, as they looked to be in favour of the Toronto born rapper.

Joining them was Drake’s friend and business partner Noah40Shebib and hip-hop producer Boi 1da defended the Energy rappers writing skills.


Thursday was the quiet after the storm as the the reaction to the drama had settled somewhat, until the alleged ghost writer had been named as Quentin Miller, which caused a slight shift in opinion.


Those who may have been in doubt of the claim made the day before, might have been thinking a little differently as they discovered that Miller had in fact been credited for a few tracks on the 28-year-old rappers album, ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’.


10 Bands‘, ‘Know Yourself‘, ‘No Tellin”, ‘Used To‘ and ‘6 Man‘ are all the tracks off the album which have Quentin Miller credited as a contributing writer.

Hip-hop DJ Funkmaster Flex got his hands on the reference track for Drake/Quentin Miller’s ‘10 bands‘ which he aired on his Hot 97 radio show.


Listen to a a comparison of both versions below:





Drake had very little to say on the Meek Mill reveal which isn’t surprising as he usually is a man of very few words on public beef other than through his music.



Although he had the following to say via private messaging after battle rapper Hitman Holla reached out to him.



A photo posted by hitmanholla (@hitmanholla) on


When it’s all said and done everyone is going to have their opinion on this, but no one will know what Drake really has to say until he references it in a song, I mean that’s what we’re used to right? Or will he….


Meek took the opportunity to apologise to his girlfriend Nicki Minaj, whilst on stage at one of his shows on tour and there may have been an element of regret or an apology of some sort to Drake also.


If you want to call it that of course, which for arguments sake we would not call it that.



Check out the video below:





Yikes! It’s doubtful anyone is wanting to be in Nicki Minaj’s shoes at the moment, the level of awkwardness must be at an all time high. 
Until next time, that was an entertaining segment of the real love and hip hop.





Do you think Drake will address it or forever hold his peace? 

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