Pop star rapper Nicki Minaj‘s one time long term boyfriend Safaree Samuel‘s stopped by The Wendy Williams Show to discuss yet more Nicki related subjects.

You have to love Safaree and how he is just living this moment after living as Nicki Minaj’s hype man for so many years. The reality star came through dressed for his further 5 minutes in the spotlight minus the fur (thankfully), we must say he did look good even with his black Dorothy shoes.

The hottest topic of the moment of course is the Nicki vs. Remy beef, if you want to call it that. The opportunity of course was never going to be missed as Wendy delved in as she spoke with Safaree on the ‘shETHER‘ diss track.

The tired conversation of how much involvement S.B. had on the creativity of Nicki Minaj’s rap career, how much he wants paid in what he believes he is owed from his ex and the cause of their break-up.



Nicki sure moved on hella quick following her 12 year relationship and was oh too willing to display her new man at any given chance.

In a relationship for 12 years but people had to guess whether he was your man or just your hype man?! Lady karma is real once again, since Meek Mill, who is also now an ex isn’t being as nice as Safaree and seems to be enjoying Remy Ma’s take down of Nicki all over twitter. Like the man he is.

Does Safaree still has some respect left for her, or he’s playing nice until he gets his cheque.

It’s a shame that Safaree is only getting coverage outside the reality show world unless it concerns his former girlfriend when it seemed as he was trying to step out into his own. Oh, there was the ever so brief mention of his own upcoming project. But exposure is exposure….right? I think he could have done without that exposure as something seemed kind of off with how he was dealt in this interview.

It is known how Wendy can be in her interviews, but maybe sometimes Safaree comes off as too nice and it is easy to see how the ‘Anaconda’ rapper may have treated him herself.

What we would like to know is why is Nicki and her team trying to silence S.B.?


Check out Safaree on Wendy Williams below:



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