Did you catch the drama on this week’s episode of Basketball Wives: LA!?


Angel Brinks was officially invited to go to Santa Barbara, so Draya Michele keeps it 100 and tells her exactly what to expect. Angel lets it be known she’s a ride or die for Draya, whether she’s in the wrong or in the right. “Bring some sneakers..” warns Draya, “..cause you never know!”




The rest of the ladies minus Shaunie Oneil meet for drinks when they arrive in Santa Barbara.


“I’ve never been drunk in my life” Jackie Christie starts on a drink without hesitation as soon as they take their seats and moves on to the next one rather quickly. It’s only 12pm and already Jackie is doing what she does best; stirring the pot before the other girls arrive to ensure their trip ends in confrontation, arguments and maybe even physical a altercation. She tells the girls about when she met Angel, and how Draya said her and Angel are ‘real friends’. Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell feel some type of way about this, more so malaysia. The girls toast to true friends, and Jackie toasts to the truth being found out this weekend…..sigh!




They arrive in the house that Brandi rented for the ladies and they waste no time choosing their rooms. Mehgan James isn’t happy with her room saying its too small and looks like a ‘jail cell’ and contemplates sharing a room with Jackie.


Draya and her ‘real friend’ Angel arrive and they are welcomed to a sour atmosphere, which is no surprise. Jackie stirs the pot yet again reminding Malaysia that Draya considers Angel a real friend, Malaysia could care less but since it’s being brought to her attention, she considers that Draya never called her when she went through a break up, nor when her brother died. Draya can see Jackie manipulating Malaysia and joins them outside. Malaysia asks Draya if she feels she is a real friend and well the rest of the ladies feel they are missing out on the drama and quickly join. Everyone seems to be able to work out that Jackie is being manipulative, but this still doesn’t stop things from escalating further.




Draya sits down with the Malaysia and Brandi alone to discuss the comment she made about her friendship with Angel. Putting Jackie aside, Malaysia genuinely feels hurt by the comments and asks Draya why she didn’t call when she needed a friend most; she then compares her friendship to Brandi. Draya says she found out from the blogs and didn’t want to call her after finding out that way; she also explains she’s the only child in her family and therefore doesn’t know the right words to say, but admits she considers her friendship with Malaysia real. This seems to be enough for Malaysia.




Meanwhile Angel is left with the two knew girls Mehgan and Patrice Curry and they talk about how Mehgan came to be a part of the group. Mehgan talks about when she got pregnant and when she had an abortion, and since its been four years since that unfortunate event, wants to know when the pain will go away. Patrice opens up about her relationship and this brings the three girls closer, although Angel is a bit confused about the situation and doesn’t open up fully.




Drunk Jackie is now turnt up to the max and currently half-way through getting changed to go in the jaccuzi. Draya feels she is being loud to get her on to everyones level, and knowing this, she still goes to confront her about comments she can hear from the other room. The rest of the girls try and talk Jackie down.




The girls finally decide to take it down a few notches and actually do what they came to do, which was to enjoy themselves. The girls are in their PJ’s and Angel starts off the first game. Each girl will have to pick a piece of paper out of a bowl which has a question they each have to answer honestly.


The first piece of paper – Pick two people you have to banish, one goes to heaven and the other goes to hell. – Of course, this is a perfect game and isn’t going to cause any tension…at all.. Most of the girls choose to send Jackie to hell.


The next piece of paper – If you could choose two things about yourself, what would they be and why. – Mehgan begins to talk about the fact that she’s a hot head and it doesn’t take much to get her angry.. but in explaining this to the group she seems to get angry so they want to know why. Mehgan goes on to say she’s tired of people in the group questioning her and jackie’s relationship, so Malaysia wants to know exactly who she’s trying to call out. Things get heated when Brandi calls Mehgan a liar. Mehgan gets up and smashes a glass on the table so Brandi immediately goes for her. The girls (and the production team) try to break the girls apart. Draya sums up the situation perfectly in the confessional ‘Mehgan called everyone out. If you sending out invitations somebody’s gonna answer to it’ Jackie ends up getting hit in the mouth in the scuffle and Mehgan’s hand is bleeding from the glass.




The girls have been separated with Mehgan and Jackie in the bathroom as they tend to their cuts and Mehgan doesn’t feel like Jackie backed her in that situation. Jackie’s friendly advice is for Mehgan to stay and to go back and resolve the situation there and then whilst tensions are still high. Gotta love that Jackie advice…




The girls are currently making fun of Jackie because she jumped over the sofa to the other side of the room as soon as things got bad. They can clearly see that jackie isn’t backing anyone. They call Jackie continues to be loud and obnoxious.




Things only seem to get worse judging next weeks sneak peak! We feel it’s only a matter of time before this all turns on Angel Brinks, but we want to know..


Who is the real Manipulator? Draya or Jackie



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