‘I know what the gal dem want’ [Jason Derulo voice] …..And it’s not a leased car!

In another week of celebrity ex-files, Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club yet again gets the tea on another celebrity break up.

This time the hot beverage we are being served is of Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks, who parted ways back in September.

Jordin reveals in her recent visit to the morning radio show, that the BMW gifted to her from ex-boyfriend Jason Derulo was in fact a lease, and not purchased as she was originally led to believe. [Pictured below]



Show me the receipts! The ‘Talk Dirty’ singer was not having that, and wasted no time putting the accusation to bed as he took to his instagram to post proof of the sale for the car, with the caption;

‘Women Lie, Men Lie, Numbers Don’t Lie! #WhyLease #BreakfastClub @cthagod @djenvy @angelayee @jordinsparks’



When its all said and done, Jordin still thinks her ex-boo is a ‘great guy’, who in her words just did some ‘dumb sh-t’.

We almost wish we could see that as some hope for the two to reconcile as they seemed such a cute couple, but Jason might just be ‘Ridin Solo’ for now.


If you haven’t seen Jordin’s visit to The Breakfast Fast Club, check it out below:



 What you think about that?

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