Hot on the media rounds to promote her new home bedding line Believe At Home, the Gospel break-up star of Destiny’s Child recently sat down for another interview.


Michelle Williams was recently choppin’ it up with our TEAm Curtains‘ Nathan Devonte & spoke on potential marriage, and said ‘maybe’ to kids, as well as discussing her new line and performing with her supergroup Destiny’s Child. Well it looks like she’s back and has A LOT more to say…


During an interview with our friend and fellow blogger, Malcolm Music, the DC3 Diva had plenty to say on her former band mates (well not Farrah), her views on the LGBT community as it relates to Christianity (which came as a response from our interview with Erica Campbell), and white privilege in R&B/Soul music.


“I am called to ALL people”  Yes Michelle, you better say that!


Check out the interview, below:



Malcolm went there and we are so happy he did. We loved Michelle’s response to these riveting questions. As an award-winning solo artist and 1/3 of the legendary, best-selling girl-group Destiny’s Child, Ms.Williams has plenty of insight into the music industry. So it was interesting to hear her thoughts on how the issue of race and music has always been a struggle, especially with hot conversation of ‘Blue Eyed Soul’ singers. Not to mention the shade that transpired, (6:31 mark), once he mentioned Farrah Franklin’s name was so thick you could cut it with one of Tina Knowles’ cheekbones. We wonder what warranted that epic brush off?! Farrah, we’d LOVE to chat with you and get your side of things… *wink wink*


At any rate, as you continue into part two it looks like things are just getting juicy…




What are your thoughts on this interview? Let us know in the comments below!


Written by Mack

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