Well we guess it’s safe to say Lil’ Scrappy won’t be invited to any Kardashian functions anytime soon. Hey Caitlin!


Star of VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ and former relevant rapper of yesteryear, Lil’ Scrappy, caused quite a bit of controversy this week when he took to social media to share his thoughts on transgender women, after it was announced that the famed Atlanta franchise would soon welcome its first transgender cast member to the show in its upcoming season.


Take a look!


I gotta see baby pics idgaf niccas got wigs on and swangin at the same damn tizime #pussycheck

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The caption reads:


I gotta see baby pics idgaf niccas got wigs on and swangin at the same damn tizime #pussycheck


Wow, we would say we are surprised by the level of ignorance and immaturity, but then again it is Lil’ Scrappy. Well fellow cast mate and mother of the ATL rapper could not hold her tongue on the matter. She had this to say:




Of course we are team Momma Dee but as much as we love the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Palace”, there’s not much she can say to right her son’s wrongs in his opposition against the trans community. Especially since this isn’t the first time he’s spoken out against transgender women, once deeming the celebration of Caitlyn Jenner “racist” back in July 2015 because he believes “if a Black man was to [transition]… you’d be ruined.”


Oh Scrappy, we must have an ‘Orange Is the New Black’ marathon and watch award-winning African American trans actress Laverne Cox in action because she is far from “ruined.”



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Written by Mack

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