New York born Singer/Songwriter Bridget Kelly is back on the scene with her new track, ‘Not Afraid‘ taken from her EP Summer of 17.


A well fit title which came in time for International Women’s Day on March 8th!! The track is empowering and motivating for us women in the world of today! Fighting and striving for what we want..going for goals and pursuing our passions.. It tells a story of a girl who’s heart lies in boxing, and although her family expect her to have a career in ballet she secretly pursues her own passion. Go girl!!


bridget-kelly-not-afraid team curtains 4


The multi-talented songstress sings;


“I’ve never done well with change, especially when it’s out of my control,” / “Somehow I’ve made strides in spite of the insecurity and heartache I’ve experienced / I’ve been counted out and cried until I couldn’t breathe / As much as it hurts I’m not afraid to keep going.”


Bridget’s last track came off her EP Summer of 17 which was released in 2015. Mack Wilds-assisted single ‘Act Like That’. In 2013 she released ‘Special Delivery’ from the album, Cut to…Bridget Kelly which didn’t reach the heights she had hoped for.


Bridget-Kelly-Special-Delivery Team Curtains


Bridget was the first lady to be signed to Jay-Z‘s label Roc Nation. She was with them for 6 years and describes it as being like a breakup. After taking that step she is now an Independent Artist for almost a year.


In an interview with, she adds:


“It was a blessing but I think overall being independent or being signed to a major, it just has to do with how you play your cards.” “I think now I know better so either option for me, being who I am and where I am now, would work out fine.”


Check out the music video to this catchy R&B inspiring banger:





Are we feeling it?


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