R&B Diva KeKe Wyatt drops the music video for her single ‘Sexy Song,’ which is the lead buzz track from her forthcoming album Rated Love. In the romantic visual we see Keke preparing for an intimate evening with her man.


Watch the Rite Media Group-filmed and Steven C. Pitts-directed by music video, below:



This week also came the announcement of the R&B Divas: Atlanta break-out star’s album artwork, tracklisting and album title Rated Love, which will be released via Keke’s own label Aratek Entertainment (which is her name Ketara spelled backwards), with global distribution through INGrooves Music Group.


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The artwork comes with the disclaimer: ‘Strong relationship content including breakups and makeups,’ the anticipated album is Keke’s first full studio album since Keke’s 2011 third studio album Unbelievable. The tracklist shows 13 songs and three Keke-terludes; which we can’t wait to hear!


1.    “Anything”
2.    “Sexy Song”
3.    “On Repeat”
4.    “Things Change (Interlude)”
5.    “24 Hours”
6.    “No Peace”
7.    “If It Ain’t You”
8.    “Dumb Love”
9.    “Make It Work (Interlude)”
10.    “Love Me”
11.    “Still Have Love”
12.    “I Know”
13.    “If I Had You”
14.    “Love Reigns (Interlude)”
15.    “It’s Reigning”
16.    “If I Had You (Radio Edit)”


“I’m known for being silly, so I wanted to give my fans a different side of me for this visual,” says Keke. “I encourage every grown adult woman to get in touch with her sexy side—mothers, wives, single ladies—put you on a sexy song, and get your sexy on. Ultimately I want my new album, Rated Love, to reach lovers all over the world. ‘Sexy Song’ is just the prelude. I can’t wait for my fans to hear it in its entirety!”


Hot on the media rounds, we caught up with Keke who spoke more on her new album, new single and hinted at a new reality show she is developing.




Pre-order Keke Wyatt’s new album Rated Love on iTunes now!



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