After 4 years, Erica Campbell  and Tina Campbell are back as their dynamic duo, Mary Mary, with a new music video along with a powerful message. Fans couldn’t be any more happier to know that the Campbell sisters reunited.


The sisters recently released their new music video “Back To You,” a song that will be featured in the upcoming movie BEN-HUR. The lyrics are sung with power and relates to Mary Mary perfectly. The video includes clips of the film that will be in U.S. theaters August 19th, 2016.



Mary Mary is known to give deep-seated messages about the lord with strong vocals but this song along with the music video was different. The reality star sisters stepped out of gospel mode and added “POP” and a personal message in their new song, especially for Tina Campbell who found out that her husband Teddy Campbell was cheating on her.


team curtains mary mary


In the song the women sing about coming back to someone and asking the Lord to help forgive so they can live. These lyrics may indicate that Tina Campbell loves her husband and needs God’s help to forgive him for all the wrong he has done. From watching the video, you can see the hurt in Tina’s face and you can actually feel her pain. After all, she is the voice of the group and carries all the feeling and emotion and takes it home.


Did You Get Into Their New Gospel/ POP Single?






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