British MOBO nominee returns with an anthem on embracing yourself and each other!


UK soul singer Nate James serves new music effort with ‘In My Skin‘ music video.


The name ‘Nate James’ holds a certain oomph in mind as I reconnect to my early 00s music knowledge, remembering his debut single ‘Set the Tone’, from his first album Set the Tone, released in 2005.  The album, which featured Dawn Robinson, later earned him ‘Best Newcomer’ & ‘Best R&B Artist’ MOBO nominations.


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With three studio albums (and a few EP’s) under his belt James auditioned for music reality show The Voice UK and saw 2 of the judges turning their chairs to his heartfelt vocals. With plans of using the platform to revamp his career, James is back again and ready to make impact.


Watch Nate’s new single ‘In My Skin,’ here:



Earlier this week saw, on the 19th February 2017, James celebrated with the singles official launch. The song is said to have been written in 2013, which you can here on Nate’s soundcloud, is full of emotion, soothing your ears as you consume the songs soulful lead vocal, its piano assisted accompaniment and engaging backing vocals.


Announcing his single is available for purchase on iTunes, Nate James wrote:


“For any one who has ever been bullied, fought for a dream and had to fight to be themselves!! is…”



You Feeling It?





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