R&B crooner Ne-Yo is blaming Citibank for not taking notice after his business adviser and also manager Kevin Foster depleted at least $2.4 million from his bank accounts between 2011 and 2013.


Last year, Citibank sued Ne-Yo claiming they loaned the singer 1.4 million dollars business loans in 2013. After their investigations it appears that he and his manager have benefited from the loans.




According to TheJasmineBrand, Citbank said in documents that the money went straight into Ne-Yo’s business checking account, and that he would take out 25k cash multiple times along with wiring other large amounts to other accounts and even his accountant. The bank explained they have only been paid $14,941.10 on the 1.4 million dollars.


Ne-Yo decided to respond and explained that he never signed any papers and haven’t took any advantages of these millions. On January 8th 2016, he took the bank company to the court and asked 2.4 Million Dollars in damages. It’s “Michael Belton” from Citibank’s fault and also a close friend to Foster, he has granted a loan to Foster without Ne-Yo’s consent. He eventually sued his ex manager Foster, saying he owes him a total of 8 million dollars.



Ne-Yo takes issues with the bank manager having been seeking investors in Foster’s company OXYwater while still working at Citibank. Further, once he ceased working with the bank he began working with Foster’s firm. No one even his manager has reached out to him about this shady activity and the fact that Ne-Yo’s Compound Touring company has a combined negative balance of $101K and the bank allowed a 400K loan under his company name.


Both cases are now pending.


Small aside, in a few weeks on February 20th Couple Ne-Yo and pregnant Crystal Renay are going to tie the knot. A photo of their wedding invitation is circulating through the social medias.



We will keep you posted … But first, congratulations to the bride and groom Team Curtains wish you a happy life filled with love, joy and laughter!

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