Sccccrrrrrr! Say What now?! Say it ain’t so Toni, say it ain’t so!


We are almost certain you had to do a double take when reading the title. Well your eyes are not deceiving you. Rumour has it that Miss Toni Braxton has been secretly dating Cash Money Boss ‘Respek My Name’ Birdman.


Now we know that the ‘Wasn’t Man Enough‘ singer has been single for some time, and if you keep up with Braxton Family Values you know that Toni’s baby sis Tamar has wanted her sister to get a man for years now.


It is also no secret that Toni does not want just any man, his bank account has to be right to get a shot at calling her his woman. We all know this isn’t an issue for Baby.






TMZ reported the following:


The cat started crawling out of the bag when Birdman showed up Sunday for Toni’s Grammy Park performance in Brooklyn.

We’re told backstage was sealed off so very few people could see them together, but this pic of the rendezvous got out.


Sources tell TMZ … Birdman left with his entourage to go clubbing. It’s unclear if he and Toni had a “run-in” later, but we’re told they’ve been close for years … and have hooked up in the past.



We definitely would not have seen these two as a likely pair. What do you think, do they do together?




Your Thoughts?




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