NEW EDITION, for R&B they are arguably the most iconic boy bands of the past 30 years. Just as the likes of The Jackson 5 paved the way for them they paved the way for groups such as BOYZ II MEN, B2K, & even the likes of The Backstreet Boys & Nsync. The New Edition Story was nearly perfect TV series. It had everything one could want in a miniseries, It had good music, good acting, well written, and no shortage of interesting and fabulous tea.  It was a bonus that the members of the group were producers on the miniseries.



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They start out as innocent kids being raised in the ghetto. Then overnight they become one of the most famous singing acts in the world, but like many tales we heard before we see how they get screwed over in the process. The series goes on and they get more famous and the members start acting out.  BET does a very good job of showing all band members in a very organic way. I appreciated how each member got to tell their individual story with it being very cohesive with the overall telling of the group’s story as one. (That was something I didnt get out of the NWA biopic. I felt some members story was favored over the others.) It’s very honest in telling deep dark secrets such as drug use, near death experiences, and the thick tension. The series does many great recreations of the group’s iconic videos. However my only critique would be the third episode in the series. I felt it was a complete robbery of time. The last 2 hours didnt really reveal anything extra, it was actually full of overly stretched out events such as a BET interview, a BET performance, and another fight which at that point the scenes of them fighting each other had became every other scene. They could’ve really squeezed the breakdown in episode 3 into episode 2 and called it a day. I digress, overall this was one of the best biopics and will for sure go down in history with some of the greats and we will be watching it for years to come.






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