This teenage actress/model/singer slayed us back in 2013 with her debut hit ‘Replay’. She maintained her clean Disney image, proved her musical prowess with a pop edge, and even further captivated us with her most recent song ‘Neverland” from the soundtrack of Finding Neverland. Will her new single ‘Something New’ deliver just as well?


Check it out after the jump!



Oh this hurts.


Although we are big Zendaya fans here at TEAm Curtains, we have to keep it 100 as always.


While the song isn’t completely horrible, by sampling such a classic hit like TLC’s ‘Creep’; anything other than the CrazySexyCool vocals of the iconic trio on this instrumental is instantly underwhelming. The irony is that Zendaya’s single samples a TLC song, which samples a song by Slick Rick titled ‘Hey Young World’. So ‘Something New’ is anything but….something new.


Giving her the benefit of the doubt, the singer is still in her formative years and probably still searching for her signature sound and it definitely shows.


Aside from the impressive nab of the Chris Brown feature, ‘New’ sounds like a musical representation of a young girl sneaking to play dress up in her big sister’s clothes and make up for the first time. All in all you can’t deny her talent, the catchy hook, and the euphoric feeling of nostalgia when hearing that trumpet riff so maybe it’ll grow on us. What do you think?



Zendaya’s new single ‘Something New’ will be available on iTunes this Friday 02/05. Will you be buying it? Let us know in the comments below!



Written by Mack

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