Love & Hip-Hop: New York’s Jhonni Blaze may not be returning to the Vh1 reality show but she ain’t worried about that. The singing star drops Vh1 from her title as she focuses on her first love, without the show drama. Teaming up with rising star Fetty Wap the two collaborate on hot new single ‘Ride or Die.’


Of course, there were once dating rumours with the pair but Jhonni seems in no rush to settle down. In just the last month and half the former strip-dancer has been romantically linked to Fetty, Bobby V and as you know her former LHHNY manager Rich Dollaz. Moving her love life to the left, Jhonni sets on being famous by blazing us with new music & also a hollywood film career… More info on that to come very soon.




Jhonni’s new single recently impacted iTunes and has earned her the respect for more than just a drama-filled reality star. It’s shown us that she is hard-working, talented and hungry to succeed.


Speaking with Music Times on what’s next on the agenda for her music career, she said:


“Right now I’m just focusing on the single and then after that I wanted to put out a mixtape. So I think that is my next project then go for the album.


Things take time, things take a lot of time and I just don’t want to put out anything that’s not the way I want it to be.


So that’s why I took a lot of time and made sure the songs that I put out people enjoy, and that’s basically where I’m at. So I would say if not the end of this year, the beginning of next year definitely.”



Listen to the Fetty Wap collabo ‘Ride Or Die’ single, below:



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