So Christmas is just around the corner and you’re stressing about plans, presents and all the other drama that surrounds the biggest holiday of the year.. To be honest, you’re at the point where you could probably skip christmas all together…


Then you hear that one christmas song and it changes everything! ‘Every Day Is Christmas‘ by Toni Braxton & her sisters Tamar, Trina, Traci and Towanda Braxton – is 100% that song! Take a listen below and see if you’re not instantly uplifted:



Yes! The Braxton sisters finally got together to collaborate on some music, and as they’re a family, it makes perfect sense to put out a Christmas album. It’s really good to hear vocals from each of the ladies all on one track, especially Towanda, who we don’t really hear sing on reality TV show Braxton Family Values.




The official Braxton Family Christmas Album is out now!

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