Singer Tinashe has teamed up with DJ Cassidy for fun party track, ‘Genius of Love‘, which is said to be the theme song for American retail store Target’s new ad campaign.


The song originally recorded in 1981 by The Tom Tom Club, is clearly a fan favorite with numerous artists such as Mariah Carey, Mark Morrison and Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five to name a few, all sampling and remaking the track.


The ‘All Hands On Deck‘ singer definitely had fun putting her own little girly playful twist on it.


The start of the song which has a dancehall tempo, for sure has you thinking that you might want to be ready to drop some ‘Work‘ inspired whining Rihanna was giving Aubrey, but it quickly takes a turn, so you might want to hold off on that for this track.


Get into it:





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