The Smith’s baby girl Willow Smith is no longer a baby. Over the past couple of years we have watched as the 14-year-old and her brother Jaden Smith grow embraces their artistic side whilst the world watches.


This has brought the youngsters their share of public scrutiny, with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith receiving some criticism on their parenting skills.


Now both teens are known for expressing themselves be it through their fashion, music or their views of the world and society which has ultimately had them labelled as weird.


Guess folks would rather see the teens of Hollywood who resist conformation, as rebels to the law rather than cultural rebels!


This weekend the ‘Whip My Hair‘ singer released the video for her ‘Wit A Indigo‘, which features rapper Tyler Cole. Clearly staying true to who she is, Willow has no plans in changing her ‘weird’ persona anytime soon.


The visuals for the song is definitely a little outlandish, colorful and lets say trippy which features Crystal Mec and Tru, members of Willows music collective Dispora. 


You don’t wanna mess with a indigo like that‘ is the line sung in the song, the ‘Indio’ being indigo children.


Indigo children is a new age concept developed in the 70’s, based on a group of children who believe to possess special abilities.


Find out why the song and video are perfectly matched!


Check it out below:




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