The Kehlani-Kyrie Irving-PartyNextDoor love triangle was a media whirlwind that almost ended in tragedy, but now that the dust has settled musicians and others celebrities alike have come out of the woodwork to support the young R&B singer, Kehlani Parrish, after her apparent suicide attempt.


As we reported Grammy nominated artist Kehlani was devastated from the scrutiny she faced over rumors that she had cheated on her boyfriend Kyrie Irving and because of this, tried to end her life Monday, March 28th.


Well her famous friends are now speaking out to support her. Check out their kind words below:



One of the most touching posts came from comedic actor, rapper, and Black Ryan Seacrest Television host Nick Cannon. Cannon hosts America’s Got Talent, where Kehlani got her start in the music industry as she came in 4th place in the show’s sixth season.


In an interview with Billboard Kehlani once said about the funny man himself:


“Before Nick Cannon, I was homeless […]Simple things like having a place to lay my head and having a safe place to write music. He really gave me that. He gave me a place to rest my head. […]He was kind of like a father figure “


So when news broke about Kehlani’s tragic incident, Cannon did more than tweet—he rushed to be at her side.


Had to go grab my Youngen! #Family #LoveHug #NeverLettingGo #NeverLeavingHerSide #IGotYouForLife #UsAgainstTheWorld

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So sweet!


In the day and age where there’s a new twitter beef every 5 seconds it’s nice to see celebrities uplift one another for a change, especially when it counts.


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Written by Mack

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