Now that the Oscars are over let us  focus on what really matters #BlackLives



Comedian, Rapper, Actor, and TV personality Nick released the above video after the media frenzy that came about once the Academy Award Nominations were announced and many realized that there was a lack of representation of black actors and other actors of color, spawning the hashtag #OscarSoWhite. Well Cannon is calling all of us to direct our attention back to the main issue.


Before we can acknowledge  black talent we HAVE to establish that our lives need to be valued first! But is that really such a different fight?


The unfair treatment of people of color in America, mainly African Americans, is not a new concept by any means. However, since the murder of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in early 2012, it seems as though the preservation and acknowledgement of Black Lives has become a key focal point for the U.S.


teamcurtainstrayvonY’all remember Trayvon right? The 17 year old African American boy who was fatally shot by 28 grown mixed self-identified white man after while Martin was walking through his own neighborhood of Sanford, FL visiting his father’s fiancée. Zimmerman claimed he felt “threatened’ by the teen despite the fact that Martin was unarmed and only had a can of Arizona tea and skittles in his pocket. SInce then America has seen the murders of countless black citizens including Oscar Grant, Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray just to name a few who were also named in Cannons poem.


Here’s the thing, a lot of people would like to believe that things have just started getting bad again in the past four years, leaving the nation somewhat divided on issues of police brutality, social/racial injustice, and white privilege. Newsflash, things never got better! The plight of black people in America has been designed for oppression from the very beginning when Africans were ripped from their motherland and forced into slavery.


But it didn’t stop there, after slavery ended there was segregation. After the Civil Rights Movement there was just simple hatred, oppression, and we have been in this stage ever since progressing back to the years of the 1990’s when black people were treated just as carelessly. The Civil Rights movement may have changed laws but it did not change the heart of America or the country’s history that was built on putting down an entire race of people to gain a certain class/status above others and that has been a constant theme in American history that has not necessarily gotten any better or worse but more prevalent in the age of camera phones and social media.


Now that it is not just our community who sees it, it’s the world, there is validation and there is pride and we are simply tired and want, need, and DESERVE better! Yes we get mad when you say #Alllivesmatter because not ALL lives are being targeted, not ALL races are as susceptible to the kind of racism and violence we face and that’s the reality  of the situation.


If you’re black in America you know that it has always been THIS bad,  you know the fear of watching the news and hearing of vicious crimes hoping that the suspect in question wasn’t black, you remember being told as a child not to look policemen directly in the eyes to avoid them approaching you, not because you’ve done something wrong but the fear of them thinking you have.You know the struggle of not being able to dress just any type of way because your skin color paired with the wrong hooded sweatshirt could read as “thug” as opposed to “I’m cold” You know the struggle of not being afforded certain opportunities in life and  having to second guess yourself in a multitude of ways before asking yourself the dreaded question “Is it because I am black?”


Its a hard enough concept to explain, but more than anything a shared experience. It is a cycle that must be broken and our fear is that we wont see that change come anytime soon, instead we will just go through periods were it just gets a bit easier and then hard again. Maybe this clip can further explain:



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Written by Mack

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