We didn’t think things could get any worse for a man named after a jungle excursion but, Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend, Safaree has proved us wrong once again.


Rapper, Actress, and mini-mogul, Nicki Minaj has reportedly been slapped with a lawsuit by her ex-boyfriend and former business associate, Safaree Samuels. As we reported earlier this week, things took a rocky turn with ex-lovers, Minaj and Samuels, after the two began sub tweeting each other just days after Minaj celebrated her new beau, Meek Mill’s birthday.


Nicki started by suggesting that Samuels was jealous of her new found happiness with boyfriend Meek Mill, to which Samuels responded with outlandish accusations of Minaj being addicted to drugs (percocets).



Well, apparently there was way more to the story behind this exchange and Nicki spilled ALL of the tea in a series of juicy tweets, in which she calls Samuels “miserable”, claims he stole from her, and even threatened to expose him with private emails that he had sent to her.


Check it out below:



Ooooo, This is one hot mess!


Can’t say we didn’t see it coming. Samuels openly talked about suing Minaj almost immediately after their very public split in 2015.


However, we must admit that considering the recent news of Samuels venturing off into the ratchet land of reality tv, we’re sure that that this is just another ploy to assure a convincing story line for the former hype man. All in all, its still sad to see two people who once loved and supported one another so much to now be at each other’s necks like this.


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Written by Mack

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