Shots fired?

So Gucci ‘glo’d up’ Mane and the resurrected head Barb in charge herself  Nicki Minaj have reunited on new track ‘Make Love‘.

It sure does make things interesting when there is some controversy sprinkled on a new song. What is a rap beef without a diss speculation?! People have it that Nicki is possibly taking aim at Remy Ma…or is it Azealia Banks? The speculation comes from people feeling that 34-year-old Nicki could be responding to both rappers.

Well this week on Hot 97 rapstress and Love & Hip Hop star clarified that her verse on the ‘Wait a Minute‘ remix was not a Nicki Minaj dissqheb all assumed that was the case.


She never did anything to me. There’s no reason for me to subliminally diss her. I think that’s corny….Girl never did nothing to me. Number two: history, this is known people, check my history. Any person that I ever had a problem with or felt any type of way about – I’ll have no problem saying your name. I don’t want you sitting there wondering if I’m talking about you.


Although it would make 2017 an interesting year in hip-hop, we hope Nicki isn’t coming for Remy. This isn’t a rap beef we want to see go down. Girl power and all that. And does Nicki want those problems? That being said, why would anyone waste any bars on Azealia? Like why even bother.

Now at the moment as things stand, we’re not quite sure how to take ‘Make Love‘. Is it a grower? We think so, but you decide.

The Queens raised hip pop star also features on the new Jason Derulo song ‘Swalla‘ also featuring Ty Dolla Sign. The multi-platinum selling singer, Derulo has set ‘Swalla‘ as his lead single from his forthcoming studio album.

The new single has an island vibe to it, which might be the reason for lyric video serving some Rihanna umbrella tease though.


Check both ‘Make Love‘ and ‘Swalla‘ out below:




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