Does it seem like Nicki Minaj never wants her achievements or the recognition she feels she deserves  to go unnoticed?


Well, this week the rapper has come under fire from Zendaya fans, after she congratulated the young performer on the Barbie made in her likeness created by Mattel.


It seemed as though her congratulations was more about herself than Zendaya, even to the point of posting an image of her own Barbie doll instead the Disney stars doll.


Although attempting to redeem herself after by posting a side by side shot of both Barbies soon after, we’re guessing it came after reading what a few angry fans had to say in the comments section.




The Zendaya Barbie doll is of her 2015 Oscar look, where she was seen rocking dreadlocks, which in the end caused controversy after Giuliana Rancic‘s “patchouli oil and weed” comment on E!’s Fashion Police.




Check Out Zendaya’s fans reaction below…





Is Nicki Minaj jealous or was she really trying to give props where due?



Your Thoughts?



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