Since breaking up with Nicki Minaj late last year after over 10 years, Safaree Samuels aka S.B. has not had it easy, which he expressed himself in an interview with The Breakfast Club.


To make matters worse, he also has to deal with his ex parading around town, on and off stage with new rapper boo Meek Mill.


It seems like Safaree is just trying to get on with life and go back to his first love which he put on the back burner for Nicki Minaj, making music!


Well hows this for a ‘can I live’ moment, whilst the rapper was filming a music video in Brooklyn, he was approached by some Brooklyn “goons” asking him to leave the area or face the consequences.


To add insult to would-be injury…there’s a video circulating documenting the incident.





Safaree seemed like he could care less…


What could be worse than having this happen to you and have it circulating on the web you ask? Well the answer to that is having the new boyfriend of your ex ‘like’ the video on social media.


A clip of the video was posted to the Instagram of Killa Vuitton, and we are hoping Safaree was just as unbothered by Meeks ‘like’ as he seemed by being ‘run out’ the neighbourhood.





Oh it didn’t end there. S.B’s fan lit up the comments section of Meek’s Instagram beyhive style with a sworm of Emojis calling him a ‘cornball’ or ‘corny’.


team curtains


The same was also done in S.B.s comments, but this time with Emojis of trophies and comments commending him on his actions of walking away from the foolery.




Judging by the caption under Minaj’s ex recent Instagram post, where he seems to be addressing the situation, it appears that he has the right idea and realises that retaliation just isn’t worth it, as this could make the situation much worse and go way further than need be.



Thank God he is a sensible man, and for that we are definitely Team Safaree.






Do you think Safaree did the right thing?





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