Kim Kardashian tried to be friends with Rihanna but she failed!


A source says Rihanna has been asking Kanye West to keep his wife Kimmy away from her…




via Star Magazine,


After failing to become BFFs with Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian has been work, work, work, work, working to get on Rihanna’s good side ever since Kanye West teamed up with RiRi’s beau, Drake, to make an album – but insiders say the pop star wants precisely nothing to do with Kim & Co.


Rihanna barely deigns to speak to Kim,” says a source. “Ri thinks she’s tacky and dull and never shuts up about her kids.”


Kanye has tried to soothe his wife’s bruised ego. “He says all she and Rihanna need is more time together,” reveals the insider, “but that’s the last thing Rihanna wants – she’s asked Kanye to leave Kim at home.”



This is some funny news.


Do you believe this story?



Written by @Midorie_Claire

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