Yep…she definitely did! Rapper Azealia Banks found more bones to pick with yet another celebrity on social media. This time it was eccentric artist Erykah Badu on her hit list. The two went back and forth on twitter this week but for us the real question here is; what was the cause of this twitter exchange?


It all started when a fan asked Erykah Badu if she listed to Banks’ music, see her response, below:



Well, apparently, that was the wrong answer as two days later Azealia came across that conversation and was pleased to respond:


But that was just the beginning as the ‘212’ rapper followed this with further commentary:





And in true Badu style and in a way we love and can just imagine her saying, she responded:



Now we’re not sure if this was done intentionally, but it took no time for a fan to notice that Erykah Badu had turned her location settings on showing she was in Queens, New York at the time.  

The saga continued as Badu tweeted:



At this point, a little reminder was needed for the Harlem rapper….



Stating in jest the Queen of neo-soul followed that with:




Banks responded with more insults to the music royalty:   



But of course Azealia Banks didn’t just let the location settings thing slide. She continued on by pointing out and questioning the fact that no address was posted, which she soon requested!


Well, just another day in the life of Azealia Banks’ arguing with someone over something with no real cause. Well…blah until next time we guess.





  What are your thoughts?  



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