Has Meek Mill has been creeping Minaj for over a year? The “cheating” reports are in and it seems like Omeeka is over because Nicki Minaj is fed up of Meek Mill.



Has the Philli rapper been cheating on Ms. Minaj with a boutique owner? According to reports, the 29-year old hip-hop entertainer, Mill, has been cheating on Nicki for over a year. Remember, Sunday night, Meek Mill posted some interesting pictures on his Instagram. A picture caught the attention, a photo of a woman’s booty who was apparently not Nicki Minaj.



After that little earthquake, Meek took his Snapchat to tease people about who his Ms. New Booty is…




BOSSIP reported:


[…] We’re ready to tell you everything we’ve heard – Which includes the news that Nicki and Meek are indeed broken up, he has bought a new home and they no longer live together. Futhermore, the issue isn’t just between them. If the booty he posted didn’t already clue folks in that he’s been getting it in outside his relationship. We can confirm we’ve also heard that’s the case.


Lots of posts had a slew of clues that ‘‘Meek and Nicki have been firing at each other.



Take this one for example, which we thought was a message from Meek to Meek in attempt to elevate his own self-confidence. But insiders actually believe it’s a message to his longtime paramour, a woman who is already a member of Meek’s inner circle thanks to her close relationships with the girlfriends of Meek’s entourage member Deen Muhammed and his cousin P Mon…




After we posted the photo of Meek with the car Saturday, a Philly insider hit us up to allege what they claim many in the city already know.  Meek and Nicki’s troubles were allegedly caused by his alleged ongoing cheating with Sonye. Who has allegedly been in the picture for well over a year. She is alleged to have benefited by having Meek bankroll the boutique she owns. The insider tells BOSSIP that Sonye allegedly tells anyone within earshot how much money Meek spends on her and how he bought her a boutique…


As a result to all the noise that story created, a representive for Sonye reached out to BOSSIP with a comment that erases rumors of breaking up.



That’s not the first time there are breakups rumors.



Stay tuned, because there’s ceretainly more to this story on Omeeka!


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