Things are getting worse and worse between Kanye and power couple Beyoncé & Jay-Z!


Do you remember Kanye’s feud against Jay-Z, where he explained in the middle of his Seattle concert, last month, on October 20th 2016, how the two had drifted. His friendship with Bey’s husband is still not on point!




Last month, the 39-year old rapper blamed Jay for destroying the chance for a second Watch The Throne album.


The famous rapper explained later that he’s even more upset with Beyoncé. According to OK! Magazine reports:


The two used to be good pals… However, she just can’t deal with Kim, so their relationship has suffered, a source told OK! exclusively. “Kanye’s spent years gushing about her, but she doesn’t like Kim, and it causes big problems.”


But not hearing from Beyoncé after Kim’s robbery was evidently too low of a blow for Yeezy. “He feels she should have reached out in Kim’s time of need. He takes it personally,” said the insider. 


We can understand Kanye West‘s feelings because he’s renowned for being Yoncé’s number one fan. Do you really think that she’s the cause of the feud? Do we have to blame Yoncé  from not being bestie with Kim Kardashian?


What do you think about this?





Written by @Midorie_Claire

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