We are officially convinced that the spirit of Amanda Bynes, from her 2013 breakdown, has possessed the body of Orlando Brown.


Yes Orlando brown recently sat down with VladTV to talk (we guess that’s what we’re going to call it) about his life, career, and recent controversy over his much talked about song lyric which implied rumors of him and his former co-star Raven Symone getting pregnant and having an abortion.


Check out the unsettling interview below:



Wow…..We’re nearly speechless, which isn’t an easy feat and doesn’t happen too often. From the frantic interjections of laughter and obscenities to the peculiar fashion choices, minute for minute, this was one of the scariest things we’ve ever seen. Please excuse us while we remind ourselves of better times.




Brown served up a true smorgasbord of crazy in only a matter of 24 minutes but out of all the flavors in this buffet of buffoonery there’s a few things we’ve got to address:


  1. Orlando thinks he’s a comedian? We’re pretty sure that means people have to laugh with you, not at you.




  1. The controversial abortion line was a metaphor? Someone needs to explain to him what the term “play on words” means because saying someone aborted your baby is a pretty literal claim, there’s no metaphor around it.




  1. There’s a Major Payne sequel where Brown takes over the role of the title character, Payne, a psychotic/controlling narcissist hell-bent on bringing together a group of individuals unwilling to participate? His behavior all makes sense now, he’s just studying for his next role!




Orlando, sir, give Pharrell his hat back and go have several seats please.



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Written by Mack

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