We attended the 2015 Wireless Festival and to summarise it all, let’s just say that weekend headliner Drake shut it down! A year on after Drizzy Drake’s last-minute cancellation for last years festival where fans were left majorly disappointed by not getting to see the Canadian rapper. This year he returned with big apologies and ready to turn it up!


Drake started this years show with saying:


“I’m not here to change your life, I’m just here to entertain you”, which seemed like a humble statement before shortly after producing his best cockney accent with “Alright Mate”.


The YMCMB rapper certainly kept the crowd entertained whilst showcasing his vocals with smash hits “Take Care and Hold On, Were Coming Home’. Drake did not disappoint and showcased some of hottest tracks from his latest album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. 


Watch Drake performs ‘Motto’ and ‘Truffle Butter,’ below:



On Sunday July 5th, Ciara rocked the stage showcasing tracks from her new album Jackie, she wowed fans with her energetic dance moves and acrobatic tricks. Although she did not sing throughout her whole performance and with some poor sound quality issues Ciara performed we wish they’d given her a bigger stage. Despite all the girl still danced her ass off & the Wireless crowd loved it!


ciara -teamcurtains


Watch CiCi dance for her life, below:



Hip-Hop rapstress Nicki Minaj was set to perform at 7pm but unfortunately she was late to festival due to “travel issues,” which left Minaj fans annoyed and frustrated.


A message that flagged up on-screen stating: “Special announcement: we are told that she was due to be speeding down the M1 from Luton Airport but we have lost contact with her, we are hoping that she will be here soon.”


Nicki later explained her lateness to her fans while she performed her verse on mega hit Monster:



Arriving at 9:30pm meant DJ David Guetta’s set was cut short but not to worry as Nicki’s set would be worth the wait! The standing in the crowd did a good job while they listened Guetta as did his thing shouting “If you’re from London make some Mother F*****g noise,”  followed by a small fireworks display and a string shot up into the air. Wo!


Nicki Minaj came out on the stage wearing an all black bra and knickers ensemble covered in fish-net to her latest Guetta collaboration ‘Hey Mama. Of course Onika had a wardrobe malfunction on stage with a nip slip but this did not stop her from giving her all.


nicki minaj teamcurtains


The crowd went crazy as I looked around everyone was memorised by her beauty,  people were dancing and chanting her lyrics.


The highlight of her performance was her Beyonce collab ‘Feeling myself andOnlyboth from her latest album The Pinkprint. Her energy was tangible, the crowd were hyped.


RANDOMNESS: Social Network Twitter saw the viral video with security seen struggling to keep the crowd from breaking open a side entrance to the festival door. It seemed that some people did not want to pay to attend the festival and during London Rapper Lethal Bizzle‘s set managed to gain entry despite security.


A bystander flicked the lock to gate door open and the crowd rushed onto ground. Lethal Bizzle could be heard performing, with shouts of “get out the way!


Check out the video of gatecrashers, below:





Did you go? How was it for you?



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