Last week, Feb 9th, rumours spread that Kylie Jenner was offered a shoe deal with PUMA, but as news spread over to Kanye West, who was in disbelief, he tweeted:



Well this week, Feb 17th, Kylie proved him wrong as it became official, that she had indeed signed on as PUMA’s new spokesperson.


In a video taken by a TMZ photographer, Kanye, who is heading to the terminal at LAX was questioned on his tweets, who said that Kylie would never sign to Puma and divide the family, although she had signed. Kanye went on to say “She had already signed and I was mad for a little bit, I’m really I’m really happy for her though.” The photographer responded “You are? But you said 1000% it would never happen and it has.” Kanye was quick to jump on and close it off “Yeah I already answered that, next question..” Is he fronting? Think he showed a clear sign that he’s still pissed.



Kanye moved on saying if it wasn’t for German sportswear Adidas he wouldn’t have got the inspiration behind his latest album The Life of Pablo, or had his fashion show at Madison Square Gardens, which took place on last week Thursday, for his Yeezy season 3 presentation. Last year, Kylie modelled a pair of Yeezy footwear and clothing back in February and November 2015. But in this recent event she was not one of the models.




It looks like it’s all about Puma… Oops! Sorry Kanye, don’t worry there’s still hope, sorry…


On Sunday night, Feb 14th, Kanye tweeted about his $53 million debt and has since called upon the help of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, pleading with him to invest 1 billion dollars into his ideas. Hmmm… Although Kanye’s income was around $22 mill last year and $30 mill in 2014, the debt is only a touch on his earnings over the past 2 years. Do we think Kanye has it all planned out the right way..?


Considering Kanye is tweeting so much about his financial woes and knows there’s a way out, you’d think he’d make some smarter moves to earn that cash back like making his latest album available on Apple music, iTunes or other music services. But instead he decided to only release it exclusively through Tidal, which (if you don’t know) is the music streaming service owned by Jay-Z. According to TorrentFreak, an estimated 500,000 people have pirated the album, which will only become greater. If he played his cards right, he would have followed up the success of his album with Jay-Z and recorded a Watch The Throne sequel. The album set a record and brought them $700,000 each, with downloads that hit 290,000 in its first week!


Kanye could have earned a lot more profit as there’d be no split with a music partner this time round. Ohhhh Ye… On that note good luck Mr West!



Are these wise moves of a wise man?




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