Ooops! It seems Beyonce & Solange‘s mum Tina Lawson forgot about the Met Gala elevator incident for a split second…

It was a huge scandal when the video tape leaked of Solange attacking her brother-in-law, Jay-Z, at the Met Gala after party in 2014, which was re-ignited this year when big sis Bey released her 6th studio album Lemonade.

Assuming it was an accident – scrap that, we guess Tina just didn’t see the harm it until she saw the comments! Moments after Mama Tina posted the photo to her Instagram, she deleted the post but it was too late, everyone had already taken their screenshot and the only thing we’re waiting on now is the memes.

Peep the full photo, which is thought to have been taken at Saturday Night Live, where Solange performed songs from her new album A Seat At The Table, over the weekend.

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