The rapper is sued by his former landlord!


Oops! Asap Rocky is facing a lawsuit after allegedly damaging his NYC appartment before moving out in August.


The landlord claims that the Harlem rapper left his apartment in ruins following his lease.



TMZ reports that the ‘Everyday’ rapper informed the landlord he was going to make some changes to the unit. He also agreed to restore it back to its original state before the lease ended.

Apparently, the promise wasn’t kept. The rapper allegedly left the flat “filthy and damaged” in August. The appartment has had a long list of damages, including broken fireplace and scratched kitchen cabinets. Rocky also removed a handful of original fixtures, including custom chandelier and security cameras. The unit was “In a generally filthy state with dirt, huge piles of debris and garbage throughout.”


Let’s hope that Rocky is able resolve this problem quick as the landlord is seeking an additional 100K dollars in punitive damages.


Any thoughts?





Written by @Midorie_Claire

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