Snoop Dogg is no stranger to rapping about beverages, but the veteran MC may be taking his rhymes from ‘Gin and Juice’ to a more wholesome drink.


In an interview with journalist and #CRWN host Elliot Wilson, the legendary rapper spoke about his 25 year music long career, his opinions on police brutality, and interestingly enough his new album Coolaid which he admitted is heavily inspired by none other than the Queen Bey herself, Beyonce.


In the interview Snoop revealed that :


“I was listening to a particular record, Lemonade. I’m being honest with you…that motherf—er was banging. It left me kind of feeling crazy because it was like somebody gotta say something to look out for my nephews and to represent the men. I wasn’t even trying to answer her but I was just trying to put some flavor in the game. You know, she had Lemonade. I wanted to open up a Coolaid stand.”


Love it! We swear,we can’t make this stuff up.


We are definitely eager to hear Snoop Dogg’s new album, but even more so we wonder which song from Lemonade had the self-proclaimed Dogg Father feeling so “crazy”? Will he also release a visual album? Will we finally see “becky-with-the-good-hair”?


So many questions, guess we’ll just have to listen to that Coolaid drop! But in the meantime be careful Snoop, we all know Bey likes to keep hot sauce in her bag-and well one wrong word and…






What do you think of this story? Will you be buying Snoop Dogg’s Coolaid?

Let us know in the comments below!





Written by Mack


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