Oh lord ‘Here We Go’ Again….


First there was Da Brat who went from popping bottles to breaking them over people’s heads, followed by Foxy Brown who gave ling-ling her nail manicurists a good ole Brooklyn beat down, and then there was Remy Ma (of Love & Hip Hop: New York) who just casually shot someone in the stomach for stealing money from her. Well it seems as though there’s yet another femcee making headlines for her hot head headed behavior.


Yes, Miami, FL native rapper and self-proclaimed “Baddest B*tch” herself, Trina, was involved in an incident in her hometown this past Monday, Feb 22nd.


Now female rappers are no stranger to tabloid drama and widely publicized altercations with other women. However, this particular ordeal saw Trina going toe to toe with a man! A rep for the rapper says the man in question pushed Trina after she attempted to break up a fight between two of her friends.


Check out the clip below to see the ‘Diamond Princess’ in action:



“Take your ass home with that bullshit,” You tell him Trina!


We are HUGE fans of Trina here at Team Curtains, so we were extremely shocked to hear her being involved in any fight knowing how peaceful and understanding she seems to be. But after hearing the explanation we definitely understand. Had this been a male rapper this probably would have never happened, and even if it did it would barely be news but because she’s a woman she is expected to never lose her composure or to speak up. We are definitely Team Trina on this, it is important for all women to know how to stand up for themselves and never allow a man to disrespect you.


Trina keep being BAD!, We like it, just don’t get locked up boo!


What do you guys think? They say all publicity is good publicity and lord knows music is not selling like it used to. Was this for real or for the camera?

Let us know in the comments below!


Written by Mack

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