It was that time of year again where the stars come out with the intention to let us know who really is about this fashion life!


This years theme for the Met Ball Gala was China: Through The Looking Glass, and the A-listers were certainly a sight to behold for good and the not so good.


There was another theme which quite a few got the memo, this would be next to sheer naked, the dresses must have a train. The celebs came, they conquered and of course some disappointed, but there were also those who decided to attend without following the night’s theme.


Attendees included music royalty Jay-Z and Beyonce, the Bajan self-proclaimed bad gal herself Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Taraji P. Henson to name a few of the Hollywood elites. The stars were out in abundance. Lets just run through some of the most talked about looks of the night.


Last year’s event can not be forgotten with the controversy of ‘elevator gate’ between Jay-Z and his sister in-law Solange Knowles.


Rumor had it that neither Jay Z or Beyonce would be in attendance this year after last year’s elevator showdown. The powercouple kept all waiting as they showed up at the last moment silencing the nonsense as they walked and posed for press media on the red carpet.


This makes us wonder though, where did the rumor come from in the first place…hmmmm?! Well, talk about keeping the paparazzi on their toes.




Beyonce Knowles-Carter gave the papz her good side which is easy because she looked good from every angle as you can see below, letting everyone know she ain’t a newbie.





The Queen Honey Bee looked amazing as usual, wearing a Givenchy sheer bejewelled dress, and we are loving her very youthful blonde high side ponytail.


No shade but you sometimes forget just how young Beyonce actually is… We have to say, Beyonce’s poses for the night were everything; she worked that hairstyle. Although Mrs Carter didn’t disappoint in either her attendance or in her Met Ball attire. We have to admit this dress is very reminiscent of previous Beyonce dresses. There is definitely a love for sheer from Queen Bey and it is rare to see Bey on the Met Ball red carpet with a train behind her. Regardless, she looked outstanding but sometimes it’s nice to switch it up a bit.





Lady Gaga was also in attendance at the annual fundraising gala in an Belenciaga ensemble.





Never to do thing half heartedly, Lady Gaga gave us a chinese inspired Statue of Liberty look. We aren’t sure if this is the look she was going for but this is what we are getting from this.


Gaga was certainly not going to slip under the radar in the kimono-style feather embellished dress, seen posing with Alexander Wang. There’s a love/hate thing with this fit, almost like a guilty pleasure. We love Gaga and everything, surely anything beats that meat dress…right?




Was Rihanna the Belle of the ball? It’s fair to say it’s hard not to get a Disney Princess vibe from this dress/cape by Chinese designer Guo Pei.





Rihanna definitely stole the show, that dress was hard to miss, for one thing its yellow and that train rather large.


Is it fair to say that the Roc Nation singer now has a theme for large fairytale dresses? Let’s not forget the pink frilly dress she wore to this years Grammy Awards which turned plenty heads and was the topic of plenty of memes.


Now-a-days, it’s impossible for a celebrity to wear anything daring or extravagant without memes being created mocking the outfit, but hey at least you know you will be remembered. Rih’s Gala dress is reported to have taken two years to make by hand, and one thing is for sure, Ms Fenty is not afraid to be daring and we think it works almost every time, one way or another. For what it’s worth, we think that no matter how large, yellow or omlette-looking the dress was, Rih looked like a Princess… a large yellow Disney Princess, but a Princess all the same!


Kanye West, Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian West arrived on the red carpet alongside her husband Kanye West in a Roberto Cavalli gown.




There sure is no way it can be denied just how fab Kimberley looked in the sheer white feathered gown, stunning in fact with no faults.


Now we have that out the way, let’s get to the controversy over this piece worn by Kris Jenner’s second born. It is no secret that everyone almost waits for Kim to put a foot wrong, then call her out on it, and she did herself no favours in that department wearing this dress. The ongoing Beyonce comparisons or unspoken feud if you like won’t be put to bed anytime soon as the talks of Beyonce’s Met Gala dress of 2012 being the inspiration behind Mrs West’s dress this year.


And if you take a look at each gown side by side, it’s hard not to see the blatant resemblance between the two.




C’mon Kim, why do this to yourself because you damn well know that the media and the Beyhive would be all over your cakes for that!


But instead of taking the high road, Kim informed all that the actual inspiration behind her gown was Cher’s outfit she wore to the very first Met Ball Gala back in 1975.




Are we buying the supposed inspiration behind Kim’s dress?


Well, it isn’t that hard to believe as they are similar, and it is well-known that Cher is the go to person for fashion inspiration, she did that in her day and remains the pinnacle of it all. That said, we think there may be inspiration from both Cher & Bey’s looks… Sorry Kimmy, you looked great though… so in the end you still won, we guess.




Olivia Pope came out that night as the First Lady, she was not trying to look like Fitz’s side-piece.




All jokes aside… Kerry Washington looked lovely in her very fitting pink ball gown designed by Prada, and we must say this definitely trumps the Princess’ dresses of the night… breathtaking!


Did you see Katy Perry & Madonna’s looks?




Well, there isn’t much to say on these two looks other than no, just no! Both 2015 Superbowl headliner Katy Perry and ‘Rebel Heart’ singer Madonna wore designs by Moschino by Jeremy Scott.


That’s it, there isn’t anything else to say, you see the images, what else can be said…. seriously.


Did you like Solange’s dress?




Solange Knowles wore a 3-D printed fine pleated Giles dress, that isn’t too bad we thought.


Say what you want about Solange’s dress this year, but anything has to be better than last year’s attempt, because we all remember that dress and hair was hot! It’s kind of cool in an outrageous way, but there is no way that dress didn’t annoy her all night.




Sarah Jessica Parker had something in common on Monday night, and we are not referring to the memes created by Photoshop users, but to both of them bigger is better.


It is a well-known fact that Sarah Jessica Parker is a fashion icon, but this look didn’t go down so well. Wearing H&M and a Phillip Treacy headdress, SJP stuck to the Chinese theme which could not be missed along her headgear. We feel like she may be getting a hard time for the outlandish accessory, because a few decades ago if this were worn by Cher it would have been celebrated!


Do you think she took it too far?




And to end on a high note we give you the fierce, fabulous, THE Supermodel Naomi Campbell. We love her and need no reasons to explain.


Campbell arrived on the arm of Empire creator and friend Lee Daniels. Naomi wows in a gold sequined custom Burberry dress.








Who wore your favourite look of the night?

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