They say there is no such thing as bad publicity! Yeah we’re not so sure rapper Tyga would agree with that right now.


Mona Scott Young doesn’t sleep on getting those new recruits, and it can only be assumed that industry couple rapper Remy Ma and Papoose feel that ratchet TV might just be the right kid of publicity as they have signed on as the newest cast members of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York.


But is it the right move?


The announcement was made by the former Terror Squad rapper on the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta: After-Party. This will be the first time we will get to see the couple up and close since her release after serving 6 years in prison.


It cannot be easy for anyone to spend 6 years away from family or a loved one, let alone for a mother having to spend time away from her child and missing out on seeing them grow up. There is a high chance that this is a topic that will be visited in the show.


Also seeing how the ‘Conceited’ rapper has been dealing with that since being released last year as well as getting back to the music and possibly the shift in hip hop since she’s been away.


Fans of both Remy and Love & Hip Hop must be excited at this news, because we for sure can not wait to see how this will play out, as no one on these shows can seem to get along.


Check out the announcement below:




Good or Bad Decision?



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