The Lioness Teedra Moses truly is like fine wine, she gets better with time. Therefore it doesn’t come as that much of a surprise that her latest album is called Cognac and Conversations. And just like cognac is a form of brandy, Teedra definitely echoes Brandy’s smoothness, like very few can.


This is the first release of an album in over ten years since, since her debut Complex Simplicity back in 2004. The audio that emits from the album’s title track glides ever so smoothly through your ears, that even Rick Ross‘s brash voice can’t ruin your blissful vibe.


Teedra Moses Team


A vibe… That is what Teedra’s music is and has always been, from her infamously cult-classic debut album to her recent EP California Vibes and now her current album. Teedra isn’t here to make a radical shout it from the rooftop “I’m da Baddest in the game“ statements. Teedra likes the understatement.


While Brandy does vocally just enough and never too a smidgen too much, Teedra takes that principle to heart and to the next level not only vocally but for the entire sonic make up of her work. Not a single overproduced millisecond, no dramatic vocal power notes, no church hollering, no gimmicky dance break.


Teedra is a confident woman who understands her tone alone can take her so far and that like a pure essence mustn’t be watered down with too many other ingredients. The genius of that concept especially comes through in her vocal interludes “Wish You Were Here” and “Sketches of Heartbreak”, which eerily channels a young Janelle Monaé circa 2003.


Teedra’s music and voice do not age, which actually makes none of her albums or projects clearly distinguishable. Cognacs & Conversations is comprised the ethereal ingredients that actually will slow down your life, even it is just by a few seconds, and let you drift away.


Have you seen the visual to the single that leads the album “That One,” featuring Soul’s Grammy winner Anthony Hamilton? Watch the Hamilton collab, below:



The album’s comprised of music to last for another ten years… But we can only hope Moses does not intend to go on another 10 year break, even-though the album indubitably does have the legs to walk another decade through the computer programs of young aspiring producers and newly born music enthusiasts.


Surely it is no coincidence that all of her projects start with a “C“. Teedra Moses is obviously a fan of consistency.



Sit back…grab a glass…and take a listen:




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Written by Malcolm Music

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