SWV waste no time to remind the listener of their amazing R&B legacy. Not only is the album’s first and title track “Still” a homage and a continuation to their hit record “I’m So Into You”, it also heavily references their signature hits “Right Here” and “Weak”. Still the album from the cover and the promotional pictures does feel like a Legacy Recordings album, you know those silver or platinum themed compilation CD’s iconic artists of yesteryear get, but to the audience’s delight, Still is all new and original. It does take some getting used to hearing Lelee Lyons and not the amazing Coko Clemons start off the album though…


Still is a very short album, and it works very well, as the songs are all very breezy and light. No heart-wrenching Oleta Adams ballads, or Fantasia hollering… The Sisters With Voices give you sleek and sexy!




Their single “MCE (Man Crush Everyday)” plays on the popular Instagram hashtag and “Love Song“ is a clear DJ Mustard knock-off, but a good one, unlike his collaborators TeeFli and Ty Dolla Sign, Coko is actually a magnificent singer, it is refreshing to hear the virtuosity of 90’s vocals on a 2010’s sound.


I really commend SWV for having gone with the times for this project, an ability that makes SWV one of the R&B’s groups with by far the best catalogue, the three NYC-bread ladies understand how to stay true to their gospel-y vocals, yet always lay on top of the most current beats, from their debuts of New Jack Swing, to their excursion to the world of East Coast Hip-Hop on 1997’s Release Some Tension, to today’s sexy and simplistic Still with very up to date productions on “Miss You” or “Leaving You Alone”.




A moment of closure for many SWV moments should be the album’s final song “What We Gon’ Do”. While SWV unfortunately never released an album or single for the entire 2000’s decade, “What We Gon’ Do” provides that perfect Stargate/Bryan Michael Cox circa 2005 moment for us and sends off back to the real world with a stunning final vocal run.


I need Tyga to replace Taj’s amateur rap on “Love Song” and we’d have the perfect summer single. SWV is still right here.


Listen to the album, below:




Were you feeling it?





Written by Malcolm Music

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