Kenya Moore of Real Housewives of Atlanta has a man, and she is ready for the world to know!


If like us you keep up with all things RHOA then you may be aware that the former Miss USA winner had rumored to be dating a mystery lover named the African Prince.


This may have to be taken with a pinch of salt as it was rumored over the past year or so that a couple of the other cast members were also dating ‘African Princes’, which just seemed a little too coincidental.


There was also the little incident involving Kenya’s ‘fake’ boyfriend Walter Jackson, who had claimed that Kenya had asked him to play her lover during her first season of the show, which Kenya denied. Taking that into consideration, it didn’t help matters on the claim of a new boyfriend, especially when no one had a clue who this guy was or even looked like.


No receipts, no truth!



Well, after reports claiming that this man didn’t actually exist, Miss ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous’ decided to put all the whispers to bed by posting her photo receipts to Instagram…





Although the image was posted and to some extent proved Kenya was boo’d up with someone, there still wasn’t much proof to a mystery man existing. This was until the following image was posted:




Now the mystery man is believed to be this man and may we add, isn’t a bad catch at all Kenya girl.


Yes guys, it is true Kenya has man, he is not African, no Prince either, but according to Kenya, a King!


The reality star’s new lover goes by the name James. The two were paired on Bravo TV show The Millionaire Matchmaker by Patti Stranger, to whom Kenya is said to be grateful for the union-made on the show which aired last weekend.


However, we have questions… If Kenya was set up with her King off the back of the show The Millionaire Matchmaker, when was the episode actually filmed?


And who is the bald-headed gentleman she is pictured with in her post last summer?


Man, you never know with television or sorry to say, with these reality television stars…the trickery is real!


Is it the same guy, a different guy? Who knows, we are just happy to see that Kenya is happy. This is what she has wanted for a long time, so good luck to them and maybe we just might see Kenya twirl down the aisle one day very soon so she can become a real housewife or at least just a wife.





What do you make of the new couple?






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