Word is Kandi Burruss and her Husband Todd Tucker may have a new spin-off reality series coming to a TV screen near you.


The newly-weds are said to have signed the deal which will take a closer look at their financial issues, which is hard to believe they have any. We’ll get to see how they are dealing with their newly blended family and the business side of things.


Now we know, Mrs Burruss-Tucker stays working and is regularly on-to-the-next venture. You can’t even be mad at her work ethic, however…do you really want to meet the Tuckers?


Considering that the Real Housewives of Atlanta already gives us an insight into Kandi’s personal life, not just their relationships but also the dramas between each them, do we really need to see more of this?



Will it take away from the Real Housewives storylines?


This isn’t the first time reality show cast members have taken this route to a spin-off show without affecting the storylines from their original shows. This does leave us wondering if Kandi is possibly feeling out a possible exit from the Housewives franchise…


Although we hope the singer/songwriter will not be handing back her peach, we are not sure what Kandi has left to offer the RHOA viewers!


Kandi posted the following image to her Instagram page:


Interview day for another show! @latashawright & @sewjodie got my hair & makeup together! Thanks luvs! #StayWerking

A photo posted by Kandi Burruss (@kandiburruss) on



One thing is for sure, if we get to see more of Kandi’s Aunt Bertha and Aunt Nora then we are here for it, and maybe a little less of Mama Joyce unless there are some changes in their behavior that is, but we won’t hold our breathes for that one.


Well, only time will tell if there’s any truth to this and it would be interesting to see how the couple’s daughters are dealing with getting to know eachother as sisters.


Sidenote: Kandi recently posted this image to her instagram of the RHOA ladies on a trip in the Philippines, and we all know there is never a trip with these guys without drama.


Rumour has it that Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks have a heart to heart. Will they ever make up? The rift between the two who were once besties further widens which is sad as we hoped for the two to fully reconcile.


Eeeek….we can not wait for this episode to air.


For a bit of shade no shade, does anyone else wonder the relevance of Demetria? We are still waiting for her character to develop and come into her own.








Will You Be Watching Kandi’s New Show?






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